Oh, Sean.


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Sebastian Stan and David Anders - Once upon a time season  2 bloopers

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Halice + Captain Swan [41/]
Hatter & Hook distracting their opponents

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and I’ll follow you into the dark


summary: set post-seance in 3x18


The bell at Granny’s chimes and she hears boots clack against the tiled floor. A small smile curls at her lips because she knows the footsteps without even having to look up. She does anyways and is surprised to find his blue eyes staring in her direction as he approaches.

He’s barely looked at her in days and especially not since the séance earlier and it makes her chest ache in a way she had hoped he wouldn’t. She thought he’d have been…better after her little magic trick earlier but he had stayed closed off and it hurt. The sweet squeeze of her heart with every open smile has been replaced by a worried clench around her lungs that has made breathing difficult and terrifying.

“Swan,” he greets tersely. She nods back, cautious ever since he pulled away from her step forward. “Her majesty has asked I bring this to you, says it will help with you magical education.”

The large tome thumps down on the formica table loudly and dust particles rise from the worn cover.

“Is this one in Elvish, too?” His head quirks and the hint of a smile makes his cheek dent before he reigns in the impulse and simple raises an eyebrow. “This one here,” Emma gestures to the open book in front of her, “Is written in half Elvish, so I’m skimming.”

He hums deep in his throat, like words are clawing to get out and he has to repress them back before they escape into the air between them. With a small nod he makes to walk back out the door, no doubt to sit in his room, as it’s barely nine o’clock, when her hand reaches out for his arm.

“Wait!” His whole body freezes with the small touch, as though she’s rooted him down with nothing but the brush of her hand. “You don’t happen to know how to read Elvish do you?”

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Multicouples | Clarity [Birthday collab] 

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Multifandom | On Top of the World [Birthday collab] 

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Olicity + more moments. [2/2]

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But when I was doing the scene, [director] Alex Graves said “When you say that last line, ‘I can be your family,’ say it like ‘I love you.’” And that’s the take that they used. (x)


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